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Choose Metropolitan’s Standard White-Glove for product inspections only at the time of delivery; therefore, resulting in quicker transits to your customer. This service level provides:

- Appointment scheduling required

- Unpacking at consumers home

- Placement of furniture in room of choice

- Two flights of stairs

- Up to 20 minutes of onsite light assembly

- Removal of debris

- Signature required

Door Step deliveries are the perfect choice when the consumer doesn’t need to be home at the time of delivery.

This service level provides:

– Delivery to outside of door only

– No appointment scheduling needed

– Maximum shipment weight 150 lbs (total shipment)

– No signature required

– Picture of delivery serves as POD

Threshold services are ideal for products that don’t require unpacking, assembly or pre-inspection.

This service level provides:

– Delivery to first dry area inside home (or outside dry area such as garage)

– Appointment scheduling required

– No unpacking

– Signature required

– Delivery to business with a dock

– No appointment scheduling

– Service available within 100 miles of Metro hubs

– Applicable to shipments under 300 cubes

• Serving the furniture industry since 1989

• Large-scale and bulky items delivered flawlessly

• Improved shipper-carrier automation, exception avoidance and complete order visibility.

• Delivering to every address in the lower 48 states of the continental United States

• No other commodities - always furniture

• Average transit time is 7-10 days

• Convey platform reduces transit times and eliminates up to 75% in WISMO (where is my order) calls

• Live order monitoring

• Reduced transit times

• CallFire technology schedules home delivery within 24-hours

• Branded tracking page and notifications

• Self-service appointment scheduling

• Customer feedback and engagement

• Order data and updates in one place

With CallFire, all home deliveries are scheduled within 24-hours of order pickup.

With the Convey DEM (Delivery Experience Management) platform, Metropolitan offers complete delivery management tools for every furniture brand and retailer.

Coast to coast warehousing solutions! Metropolitan now has two new large "Big Box" warehouses on each coast, totaling over 2 Million square feet , helping position your products closer than ever to your customer.

More than 2 Million square feet of warehousing storage space across Metropolitan's 40 nationwide locations Storage and deluxing solutions Reduced delivery times Racked, high-storage warehouse space Inventory monitoring powered by LOGIWA Warehouse Management System.

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