COVID-19 Updates & Information Letter from the COO

Dear Valued Customer,

As the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus continues, many states have taken measures to enact Shelter in Place/Stay at Home ordinances. While the circumstances are very fluid, I would like to ensure you that we are keeping ourselves updated with the latest news as it is announced. Currently all of our locations are open, fully operational and able to perform deliveries across the country.

Based on the guide released from Homeland Security, Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery has been identified as an Essential Critical Business. As such, essential workers are needed to maintain the services and functions Americans depend on daily and need the ability to operate resiliently during the COVID-19 pandemic response. As required by the guide, Metropolitan has implemented a pandemic response team which meets several times daily to review any new updates and provide additional guidance and training as recommended by the CDC.

Homeland Security:

“Employees supporting or enabling transportation functions, including dispatchers, maintenance and repair technicians, warehouse workers, truck stop and rest area workers, and workers that maintain and inspect infrastructure (including those that require cross-border travel).”

States or cities with guidelines stricter than Homeland Security:

4/21: We spoke directly with the NOLA Mayor’s office and have been given verbal approval to being making deliveries again this week. We are in the process of rescheduling all deliveries that have been on hold and will resume scheduling new orders that are entered. We were informed that later this week NOLA will put out an official communication regarding commercial vehicles entering the city.

Best Regards,

Todd Gerspach
Chief Operating Officer
Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery


Metropolitan COVID-19 Policies and Procedures.

COVID-19 Delivery Policy

Work from Home Tips

Critical Infrastructure Hub Postings

Driver Safety Kits


Transportation, Logistics and Warehousing companies are considered “essential” businesses according to Homeland Security. As such, Metropolitan is fully operational and able to make deliveries across the United States.

Metropolitan has developed specific training materials for our work-from-home employees, warehouse associates and delivery teams. We supply all of our warehouse employees and delivery teams the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to perform their duties in a safe and responsible manner.

We are absolutely willing to accommodate customer/consumer specific delivery requests.

During this difficult time, Metropolitan is waiving storage fees for 60 days as a courtesy to our customers for returned items related COVID-19.

We will accommodate the customer’s preference for their rescheduled delivery as best as possible.

The COVID-19 situation is very fluid and changing on a regular basis. There are specific areas around the country with Transportation & Logistics requirements stricter than Homeland Security’s. Please go to our website, as these updates are posted in real-time.

Interested in threshold delivery?

Our employees and delivery teams are taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We’re offering customers the option of threshold delivery to avoid any unnecessary human contact. Call 1-800-300-7417 to request threshold delivery.

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